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Four Point Centrifuges
The chemical industries revolution scenario in India in the early Eighties was a time of sharp contrasts. On the one hand, there was the great discovery of the will to exert one's resources and abilities, to discover and invent, and substitute imported machinery and industry with indigenous alternatives.

On the other hand, there was a tremendous shortage of entrepreneurs who could adequately meet the needs of industries needing ancillary support such as processing plants, chemical industries, petrochemical industries etc.
Centrifugal Process Pump Vertical Submerged Pump Water Ring Vacuum Pump Mechanical Seal


Moreover to arrive at where it is today, it also needed the right attitude, concerted efforts, and above all, conscious corporate planning and strategy-to align the Company with advanced management practices such as avoiding obsolescence,
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To serve our customers in a better way, we are looking out for Distributors and Dealers who can market our products. Please fill out the form completely without any blank fields for fast processing of your request Business Opportunities.
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Mission & Vision

To establish in International Market Providing Quality Products as per Clients' Specification. Our Products are made from Various Metals like SS304, SS316, AllO20, 306L, Gunmetal, Bronze, CI etc. (All metallic Products can be Manufactured).
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