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Water Ring Vacuum Pump Water Ring Vacuum Pump Water Ring Vacuum Pump 
Vacuum Pump
The chemical industries revolution scenario in India in the early Eighties was a time of sharp contrasts. On the one hand, there was the great discovery of the will to exert one's resources and abilities, to discover and invent, and substitute imported machinery and industry with indigenous alternatives.

On the other hand, there was a tremendous shortage of entrepreneurs who could adequately meet the needs of industries needing ancillary support such as processing plants, chemical industries, petrochemical industries etc.
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Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump      

Water Ring Vacuum Pump Technical Details

  • Operating Speed - 1440 RPM & 2900 RPM
  • Capacity - 51 M3/Hr to 425M3/Hr
  • Available model is 3 H.P. To 20 H.P.
  • Maximum vacuum : 710mm of Hg.
  • Minimum CFM : 30
  • Maximum CFM : 250.
  • This Pump also knows as liquid ring vacuum pump, as water widely used to sealed liquid.
  • Pump is made from specially selected material to handle dry, gaseous, moist air and corrosive media.
  • The shaft assembles eccentrically, rotate on both end on ball bearing resulting smooth & vibration Operation.
  • The major components are casing. Impeller and controlling plates.
  • The material of these components are chosen depending on application.
  • The Impeller can offered with dynamic balanced for the maximum efficiency.
  • Watering vacuum pump can be offered with ball and without ball.

Water Ring Vacuum Pump Material of Construction

Casing & Controlling Plate : Graded Grey Cl, Cast Steel, S.S. 304, S.S. 316, Bronze, Alloy 20. Shaft: St. Steel & EN 8.

Water Ring Vacuum Pump Application

For distillation process, vacuum drying, water extraction from paper and cloth evaporation. Crystallization etc.